Following courses are being offered by the CVAI lab this term

Computer Vision

Course Syllabus

This course will present a broad, introductory survey intended to develop familiarity with the approaches to modeling and solving problems in computer vision. Mathematical modeling and algorithmic solutions for vision tasks will be emphasised. Image formation: camera geometry, radiometry, colour; Image features : points, lines, edges, contours, texture; Shape : object geometry, stereo, shape from cues; Motion : calibration, registration, Multiview geometry, optical Flow; approaches to grouping and segmentation; representation and methods for object recognition; applications;

Selected Topics in Image Processing

Course Syllabus

Image Processing fundamentals, Image Segmentation and clustering: Mean-shift, Graph cut, Image Pyramids and texture analysis, Scale Space theory: SIFT, Visual Tracking: Mean-shift, Particle Filters, feature-based, Background Modeling, Surveillance and Monitoring: Event detection/recognition, Face Detection and Recognition, Motion analysis and segmentation, Basics of 3-D vision.

Linear and Non-Linear Optimization

Course Syllabus

Necessary and sufficient conditions for optima; convex analysis; unconstrained optimization; descent methods; steepest descent, Newton’s method, quasi Newton methods, conjugate direction methods; constrained optimization; Kuhn-Tucker conditions, quadratic programming problems; algorithms for constrained optimization; gradient projection method, penalty and barrier function methods, linear programming, simplex methods; duality in optimization, duals of linear and quadratic programming problems

Multimedia Systems

Course Syllabus

Introduction: video, Audio. Image compression: JPEG, GIF. Video compression: MPEG-1, -2, -4, and -7, H.261. MPEG audio compression, AC 3, content based retrieval, multimedia networking: ATM, RTP, RSVP, RTSP; multicasting: storage and server issues, multimedia processors, mobile multimedia, watermarking, multimedia systems: VoD, video and conferencing, HDTV.