E0 265 : Multimedia Systems 3:1
(Jan - Apr 2012)

Course Instructors Prof. K. R. Ramakrishnan and Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu
Email IDs krr [at] ee [dot] iisc [dot] ernet [dot] in venky [at] serc [dot] iisc [dot] ernet [dot] in
Address Room No: 218A, Electrical Department, IISc.
Phone 2293 2441 and 2293 2572
Course Timings Tuesday & Thursday - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Pre-requisite Knowledge of Digital Image Processing

Compressed sensing lecture posted.
JPEG 2000 lecture posted.
Mini project guidelines posted.


    Lectures and Handouts

  1. Distributed Source Coding
  2. 3G Tutorial
  3. H264 Lecture
  4. Compressed sensing
    You are encouraged to read Compressive sensing lecture
  5. JPEG Compression
  6. JPEG2000 Lecture
  7. JPEG2000 EBCOT Example
  8. Arithmetic Coding
  10. MPEG4 Lecture
  11. CAVLC Lecture
  12. CAVLC Example
  13. Basics of Audio Signal Processing by Sudhir K.
  14. Digital Audio Compression by Dr. J. Sujatha
  15. Compressed Domain Processing
  16. Compressed Domain Video Analytics
  17. Distributed Video Coding lecture
  18. CBIR lecture
  19. Double JPEG compression
  20. Detection of Duplicated Image Regions
  21. DataHiding Watermarking Stegnography Useful Links